version 1.1

Trilarion programed version 1.1 implementing reversal of changes or the spell checking and hunting many bugs.

version 1.0

Trilarion re-programed version 1.0 almost from scratch, keeping most of the functionality from 0.9.

Icons were taken from the Human O2 icon set by Oliver Scholz, released under GPL-v2+ and another icon from the Oxygen icon set by David Vignoni and others, released under GPL-v3.
The flags were taken from by Mark James, released as Public Domain.

version 0.9

Stephen Ostermiller, Carlo Magnaghi, Wojciech Sobczuk, Carsten Grohmann, Luciano Vernaschi, Jaroslaw Pekala and Luiz Antunes programmed, tested and translated Attesoro.

Trilarion has started the development of JLokalize based on Attesoro.